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Cutting edge restaurant delivery robot, for profitability boost
Being ahead of the next big thing in the foodservice industry can give you a substantial competitive edge.

If that ‘thing’ also happens to make your business more efficient and cost-effective, there really is nothing to lose.

We’re talking about the latest restaurant delivery robots, which come ready loaded with sophisticated functionality but also a big range of important business benefits.

Automated food service that delivers key advantages

Service Robots has invested in the latest food delivery and service technology – an incredible robot hire option called Peanut!

Peanut can interact with customers to collect orders from your menu, including quick responses to queries. Then, it will take food to customers with precision and efficiency – no matter what it comes across. Your foodservice robot Peanut can even be programmed to communicate using human-like ‘facial’ expressions!

‘Recruiting’ advanced automated front of house systems provides you with a big marketing advantage. Promoting your use of interactive food delivery robots will undoubtedly fill your tables. After that, your customers will tell their friends and share images of your restaurant food delivery robot on social media.

Bookings will boom! It’s the sort of free exposure that can put your hospitality business in a whole new league.

Building your restaurant brand

Hiring a robot to deliver food and drinks will grab customer attention, and build respect for your restaurant brand. Robot hire gives a firm message that you’re keeping up with contemporary trends and providing an unforgettable dining experience.

Remember too, that using a smart piece of automated foodservice technology from Service Robots will earn you lucrative exposure on social media.

Contact Service Robots about hospitality robot hire, to get Peanut, the friendly but ultra-efficient automated server in your team.

the rise of service robots

More business benefits from food delivery robots

Robot hire for restaurants brings more tangible business advantages too, including the opportunity to save on labour, time and money.

Using this smart automated robot delivery technology to take food out to customers and clear tables makes your front of house operations slicker and less error-prone.

The incredibly advanced AI systems in your food delivery robot will apply machine learning techniques to understand your restaurant layout. The localisation and navigation levels you can achieve with this multi-sensor fusion technology are mind-blowing. Your hired robot will effortlessly work around both static and moving obstacles and the sort of activity that punctuates everyday restaurant operations.

Smoothing out staffing issues and service peaks

Food and beverages services can be seamless and efficient, every day. Your restaurant delivery robot will never need to take a break or go on holiday! It won’t get distracted or tired either.

Imagine your busiest times of service when the pressure is on to keep food going out. You could well rely on your ‘unflappable’ restaurant delivery robot to cope!

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