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Why foodservice Robots Are On The Increase.

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There is a lot of buzz at the moment surrounding Robots being introduced into the retail and Restaurant environments.  An example would be the Henn-na Hotel in japan where a Dinosaur Robot will greet guests at the front desk, likewise at the Marriott hotel in Belgium, a Robot called Mario welcomes guests in 19 languages,


Robots are not only being used to greet customers and be front of house but Restaurants are using service Robots from Robot Cook’s to Robot Waitresses to both cook and deliver food, the restaurant sector is seeing real changes that is taking advantage of new and improved Robot technology. The Robots are not only carrying out jobs competently, roaming autonomously and interacting with customers but they are improving the Customers overall dining experience.


Robots have slowly advanced over the last five years and worked their way into sectors such as Hospitality but with the recent pandemic, their uses and abilities are now being recognized as a necessity as Customer and staff social distancing becomes a real necessity for Restaurants going forward.


Societal acceptance of new technology can be a long process and insiders believe that it can take years for society to fully accept Robot Waiters as an option for food service and delivery.  As this change is also well under way, insiders believe Restaurant staff will be more relationship focused as opposed to operational. This is similar to the way banks operate by adapting and introducing ATM’s.


Whilst the technology that operates and runs Robot Waitress’s still needs improvements, those improvements are gaining pace and Robot technology is improving all the time. It is also very likely that Robotized processes will be integrated into mainstream foodservice before actual Robot waiters.


Whilst service Robots have both advantages and disadvantages, it will not be long before they are fully accepted as part of the restaurant experience and this will be an exciting development to watch.


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