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Setting up a Robotics Company

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There is no doubt that the age of robotics is upon us. As the technology behind robotics continues to become more advanced, affordable and useful, then the impact it has on society grows. This means that setting up a robotics business can be a profitable venture. Businesses in this sector have an almost endless number of customers – be it private business, consumers or product manufacturers in a wide selection of industries. From hiring out a robot photographer to hiring local manufacturing companies robots to use, it is a fast-growing area.

Nowhere is the need for robotic solutions been seen more than in business itself. There is a real drive now towards labour being automated and the most mundane or dangerous tasks being completed by robots. Product manufacturing and construction have also seen a strong push towards this way of working. As robotic technology becomes more common in the business world, more and more industries will begin to use it.

This means that robotics businesses themselves stand to benefit in a major way from this move to automation.

Learn how to start your own robotics company and if it is right for you

If you want to make the most of this expected boom in robotics, now is the ideal time to get involved. Here at Service, we will help you set-up your very own robot hire company. The beauty with this sort of business is the range of uses which you could hire robots out for. Whether it is the Eva champagne robot for weddings, service robots for restaurants or other robotic solutions for high-end business use, the possibilities are huge. This gives you great scope when attracting customers and helping your new venture to grow organically.

Don’t worry if you have not run a business in the past or started one from scratch before. We will provide full training on all that you need to know in order to succeed. From marketing your business to handling the events you hire robots out for, we will be there to help you along. Our great value full business package is only £18,999 which also includes free comprehensive business support for 12 months from mentors at the Prince’s Trust.

If you want to make the most of the growing demand for robotics and run your own business,
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