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Hire a waitress for £35 a day!

Providing an engaging, novel feature that’s also a great marketing tactic, the robot waitress is capable of interacting with your guests in a variety of different ways. Advances in robotics mean that today’s robots, programmed with artificial intelligence, are able to perform a number of tasks, as well as hold conversations with your guests. Frequently used at corporate events, weddings, parties, conferences and exhibitions, is providing robot waitresses for as little as £35 a day! (based on one month hire period).

Amy Waitress Hire

Why hire a waitress robot from

Here at, we believe a robot waitress is one of the best marketing tools to get people talking about your venue. Why? Because robot waitresses are equipped with a screen on their chest, which provides a chance to advertise your goods and services, or give a message to guests or customers. The waitress is able to move through a room autonomously, avoiding furniture and guests. Equipped with a tray of drinks or food, the robot not only delivers refreshments to tables, but it can also talk to guests, greeting them and/or also presenting a sales pitch or other marketing message.

How to get started

The process to hire a robot waitress is straight-forward: in the first instance, you will need to have a consultation with in order to determine what type of robot is best suited to your needs. Information will also need to be provided on variables such as: what the waitress is to be used for; what food will it be serving; the layout of the hotel, restaurant or other function space; flooring (robots may not be able to navigate very uneven surfaces); plate size; and table layout. Using this information, we are then able to determine which robot is going to be most suitable.

How much does it cost?

Robot rental involves both a standing charge and an hourly rate. It’s possible to hire the robot for a number of days, weeks or months, as well as for a one-off occasion. When the robot is activated, it communicates with our server, enabling accurate data gathering regarding the number of hours it’s in operation. Customers will then be invoiced on a monthly basis. If you want to keep track of your usage, you can also log on and check your robot’s activity times.

The waitress robot is able to carry trays of different sizes, as well as be programmed to deliver whatever sales pitch, message, greeting or other communication is required. A truly 21st-century marketing solution, a waitress robot adds entertainment to any occasion, and is a fantastic marketing opportunity.

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