Very happy customers served by robot waitress

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Amy Waitress

Restaurant Managers, picture this…

Your fine establishment is set up for the shift. The waitresses have organised the condiments and the cutlery. The cooks have culinary delights aplenty for one and all. The glasses sparkle, as do the smiles of your staff. You’re all set for a great night.

But one of your waitresses does not smile. Not in the normal way. Amy is a waitress in a league of her own. She has unparalleled stamina and surprising strength. She does not take holidays and does not get sick. Her bones are metal, her blood electric, her features pixelated. This is your robot waitress.

Customers are arriving. A large group. From out of town. A little loud, very hungry and expecting the moon in a bowl. This could mean a decent tip for your staff and top reviews for you. Your first and favourite robot waitress will not disappoint. With Amy by your side, tonight is bound to run smoothly. You hope.

Amy welcomes them and guides them to their table. They are immediately charmed and amused by their unusual waitress. Not only does she list the specials, Amy also explains unfamiliar dishes, makes recommendations and promotes special offers. There are no mistakes when Amy takes the order and no spillages when she delivers the food and drinks.

It is somebody’s birthday. When Amy brings out the cake, she leads the group in singing a round of ‘Happy Birthday’. The candles are blown out and it’s selfies all round.

This is the true beauty of Amy the robot waitress. She is the one-womanoid marketing campaign, worth her weight in robot gold. Still at the table, your guests post pictures of themselves with Amy on their various social media accounts. She cheekily reminds them to leave a five star review. They laugh and oblige. Before you know it, you have a growing following, growing custom, and growing profits. Poor old Amy doesn’t even expect a tip!

“Do not worry human waitress, you keep this tip. You have earned it tonight.”

“You’re the best, Amy!”


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