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Amy Waitress, £6750.00* (excl VAT)

  • Size: 780mm x 560mm x 1500mm.
  • Automatic delivery of food items
  • Speech Interaction
  • Trackless Navigation and Obstacle Navigation
  • Introduction to products available
  • Order products directly from Amy
  • Pay for products online
  • Play Advertisement Material relevant to the event
  • Enhance the restaurant’s brand


  • Delivering
  • Advertising
  • Promotion
  • Shopping Guide
  • Consultation
  • Reception
  • Explanation

*Charge for shipping are extra.

1 X Solomon 3D bin picking system ex demo system £18,000 save £8000 installation and training receive a quote

The Accupick 3D from Solomon can pick and place a variety of objects from a bin, thereby reducing the amount of time and energy human workers have to spend completing menial or repetitive tasks. The AccuPick 3D works with 16 major robot brands to transform the learning capacity of current cobots. There is no need for CAD files or complicated programming with the new 3D bin picker. Users will only need to input several images of the objects to be picked, and the machine will intuitively learn to recognise them.

• Reduce training time to recognise complex objects

• No 3D CAD file, not a problem

• 16 Major Robot Brands Supported

• Fast motion planning to prevent bin collisions

• Fast Image Scanning and Processing

2100S Automatic Screw Locking Machine – £2100

Automatic Screw Locking Machine can feed and lock screw in one step,no need to take screws by hand,so this improve work efficiency and save operating time greatly.No matter how fast you want, it can work well, no screws were stuck, even if the screws were stuck,It can be easy to troubleshoot,When the screws finished working, the machine will automatically prepare next screws,no need to take it by hand.Just align the screw hole directly,and it will be locked by a soft press.It is convenient and quick;The machine has beautiful appearance, new design, it is small and convenient and can be placed anywhere,It is mainly used in electronics, plastics, toys, electrical appliances, communication equipment, etc;

• Applied Screw: M1.5-M5.0
• Screw Length: ≤20mm
• Output speed: 40-60PCS/min
• Size: 365x163x243mm
• Weight: approx. 10.5kg
• Error Rate: 0.03%
• Feeding Mode: Rotary mode feeding screw
• Vibration Mod: Electromagnet

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