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Innovative humanoid service robots robot that has multiple use cases including reception, advertising and entertainment. Perfect for any hospitality and leisure environment.

Hire From £699 +vat a month
(min 1 month contract)

Buy From Just £8,549 +vat


Helios UVC Cleaning Robot
Hire or available for Purchase.
Click to Enquire about disinfecting cleaning robot.

Hire From £55 +vat per day
(min 1 month contract)

Buy From Just £21,999 +vat


eva photo robot rental
Imagine a roaming Robot recognising guests, taking pictures and giving them the option to share or print. Now a reality with our range of photography robots for events.

Hire From Just £899 +vat
(per 4 hour event)

Buy From Just £8,999 +vat


Survey Robot
Utilising our unique software Eva can be programmed to roam around to pre-determined points and when she recognises a face, interact the guest(s) and ask if they would like to take a survey.

Hire From Just £1299 +vat
(per 4 hour event)

Buy From Just £14,999 +vat


Reception Robot
Our Receptionist Robot can complete bookings, greet guests, guide them to locations, offer marketing opportunities, print vouchers, survey to gain feedback and much more!!

Hire From Just £1299 +vat
(per 4 hour event)

Buy From Just £14,999 +vat


Fast Clean Time • No chemicals • Easy setup • Autonomous
Click HERE to Enquire about our Helios UVC Disinfection Robots

Hire From Just £899 +vat
(per 4 hour event)

Buy From Just £8,999 +vat


Robot Advertising
Bring the next level of advertising to your shop windows or displays. Hire or Buy a robot to display innovative screens showcasing your portfolio or promotions.

Hire From Just £899 +vat
(per 4 hour event)

Buy From Just £8,999 +vat


Robot Bar Hire and Sales
When you hire or buy a robot bartender from us, your bar, restaurant or event will quickly become the talk of the town and attract the kind of publicity and marketing value you can’t imagine.

Hire From Just £2,850 +vat
(per day)

Long Term Rental From £1,999 + vat Per Month
(plus installation cost)

Buy From Just £47,999 +vat


Hire and Sales of Robot Juice and Coffee Bar
When you hire or buy a robot bartender from us, your bar, restaurant or event will quickly become the talk of the town and attract the kind of publicity and marketing value you can’t imagine.

Hire From Just £2,850 +vat
(per day)

Long Term Rental From £1,999 + vat Per Month
(plus installation cost)

Buy From Just £47,999 +vat

The perfect addition to any event or party, the Robot Photo Booth

It can be hard to make your event or party really shine – impressing your guests can be an uphill battle.

Everyone loves selfies, everyone loves taking photos, so how do you capitalise on that to make something truly incredible at your party? The answer is simple – a robot photo booth from!

The perfect party guest

The robot photo booth, otherwise known as Eva, is the ideal guest at your event or party. She has been designed and programmed to wander the venue floor offering guests the opportunity to have their photo taken.

Guests can configure their photographs using Eva’s highly intuitive menu systems, crafting the perfect shot and taking it using her high definition onboard cameras.

There are all manner of customisation options, and the interaction you get with Eva makes her leagues ahead of your everyday static photo booth.

With the perfect photo taken, you can then have the choice of either printing it out, sending it to a mobile device, or Eva can do the hard work for you and upload the image straight to your social media!

Maximising your event’s impact

The joy of Eva the photography robot is that she’s so versatile. She has been well received in all manner of commercial and domestic events.

She can be found wandering the floors of trade shows and conventions, as well as parties, discos, proms, and even wedding receptions. Everywhere she goes, she causes a real buzz.

If you want to make sure your party really has something unique to offer, you should think about inviting Eva.

Her services can be completely tailored to you thanks to her configurable graphics settings.

Hiring a photography robot such as Eva, or indeed any of the service robots available from the specialists at, is both easy and affordable.

When you consider what an impression the right robot can make, it becomes a minor investment that’s going to guarantee you a great deal of attention.


Eva the Photography Robot worked at our EG Tech Awards event, and engaged really well with guests. A really unusual quirk to have at an event. look forward to working with Service Robots again at our next event.

Carly McGowan

Absolutely fantastic ! Thank you so much to Eva for joining us on our magical day. guests loved her and we have some funny and amazing photos to remember are day. Lovely token to the day that entertained all the guests… thank you so much ❤️ highly recommend to anyone after something fun and quirky … fantastic service xxxx

Ruth Miller

Thank you to Eva for being at our party, she was really well received and we have lots of photo’s to stick into our guest book. Would highly recommend to anyone!

Arc Monitoring

We recently worked with Serviced Robots at our Event Marketing Association Online Community group summer Soiree. We had Eva the photo robot and it was a massive hit!!!!
Serviced robots were amazing to work with, very professional and for something interactive and different I can highly recommend.

James Hitch

I had the pleasure of working with Service Robots in purchasing an EVA Photography Robot. I can not say enough about their professionalism and ease of purchase from the USA. The training was also very easy and the setup and programming of EVA is the easiest I have encountered. We are thrilled to bring her to the USA and to add her to our many photo/video event technologies. This is truly an amazing experience for our clients!

Elizabeth Olguin

Birmingham PA Forum hosted and event Bank Birmingham Restaurant & Bar last week and WOW what a response we had! EVE the Selfie Robot went down an absolute storm! We had over 100 event organisers in the room and the photos are still the talking point of the event, EVE was a FAB icebreaker and certainly got our geusts talking, cannot recomend enough

Daniel Skermer

World-Wide Robot Sales

We sell throughout the World and provide Support For all our Robots 24/7.
See if you have a Service Robot near your location or check to be the first with a Service Robot in your Country.

Purchase or Hire From just £65 per day


Call US:
01384 389317








Robot Hire

Have you ever considered hiring a robot for an event?

From robots that can take customer satisfaction surveys on your behalf, to mobile photo booths that will capture your guests at their best, today’s robots can provide a service as well as being a talking point.

Service Robots can provide information to your guests, to make their experience more comfortable. You can configure robots to do all sorts of jobs, for every type of event.

– Where can robots be used for business events?

If you’re planning a business event, a robot is always an option. Robots can do their thing in small venues, like conference rooms in Chester, and in much larger venues like Cardiff or Birmingham exhibition centres.

Hiring a robot for your event is easier than you might expect. They can stand still at the door, or mingle with your guests by moving safely through the space that’s available.

– Where can you hire a robot?

Robot hire is an option no matter where you live. Whether you’re looking for robot hire in London, in Manchester or in Newcastle, you can get the technology you need.

A service robot can improve all types of events from weddings and milestone birthday parties to conferences, exhibitions and trade shows.

Robots for events can serve drinks, collect feedback, or take photos of your event guests, even working to produce on-the-spot visitor ID cards.

– What about robots for other events?

A robot can enhance any celebration. At a wedding, it can take photographs or be a fun way to share the seating plan.

At a birthday party, more photographs or notes from your friends and family. How about adding a robot for photographs at a school prom, or to sign in guests at a show?

– Who can use a robot for events?

Robots for events can serve in so many ways, which makes them suitable for events of all shapes and sizes. They can be delivered to your event in Liverpool, Birmingham or Bristol.

Service Robots can be delivered to all sorts of venues throughout Ireland, Wales, Scotland or England, with everything you need to get them up and running.

If you’ve ever wanted something at your event that people have never seen before, then you’ll certainly get people talking with a robot on your guest list.

People respond very well to a robot in their midst, which means that you’ll get more feedback from your attendants or more photographs for your album. Who can resist a robot that approaches them with its easy-to-use touchscreen interface?

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