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The revolution of robot coffee shops

Imagine a coffee shop powered by the latest in robotics technology – sounds like something from a science fiction movie, right?

Well, what once would have been a futuristic fantasy in a Tom Cruise blockbuster is now a reality, as robot baristas are making their first appearances in coffee shops around the world.

A robot coffee shop needs only a single robotic barista, which is capable of serving 100+ drinks every single hour, including mainstays like flat whites, lattes and espressos.

Reasons to be excited…

It’s an exciting prospect for coffee shop regulars. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a barista that consistently makes your coffee in exactly the same way, and never ever forgets your order?

The precision and consistency of the robotic barista are sure to make customers happy, not to mention its efficiency; with a single robot and no staff to pay, coffee prices can go down. Can you think of a better way to satisfy customers?

Of course, the appeal of service robots like the robot barista goes way beyond mere practical benefits. Customers will find it a uniquely thrilling experience to give their order to a sophisticated machine and then watch as it swiftly goes on to pour them the perfect cup of coffee.

The real advantage is the space-age concept – the looks of wonder on the faces of customers will be a return in itself. Bosses can simply sit back and watch customer numbers rise as word spreads about the amazing robot barista!

Prototype Robot Barista

Coming soon to a coffee shop near you?

The spectacular technology comes at a premium, of course, so not just anyone will be able to invest in ownership of one of these robotic marvels.

Fortunately, there are companies that specialise in robot hire, and many of them are adding these specialist service robots to their portfolio so coffee shops can begin offering them for patrons.

The inventor of the robot barista, Henry Hu, said the point of the robot is to make coffee “as quickly and deliciously as possible” – something that even the best human baristas will struggle to achieve consistently.

Automation in the retail industry is growing to improve convenience for the customer and save money for businesses. You can expect to see robot baristas play a role in a growing number of coffee shops over the next few years. And with robot hire companies making these technologies accessible, it’s an exciting time for the coffee shop regular.

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