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Robot Photobooth

  • Stand out at your event

  • Instant picture printing

  • Instant picture sharing

  • Roams Autonomously

  • Talks to your guests

  • Amaze your audience

  • Be the future

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Should you hire a robot photo booth, or a traditional photo booth?

Would you prefer a robot photo booth, or photo booth using more traditional technology? That’s a question that most people struggle to answer. Many have never considered robot photo booth hire, or don’t even know what one is!

If you’re considering hiring a photo booth, here’s why you might actually like to hire a robot for the job:

Robot hire gets people talking

At your event, whether it’s your wedding or a business conference, a robot is an instant talking point. Guests will be amazed, seeing an autonomous robot photographer that’s waiting to take their picture. A standard photo booth simply can’t compete with a robot.

Robot photo booths are social

Facebook recently revealed that users upload 350 million photographs every single day to their FB profiles. A robot photo booth does exactly what these users need, as part of a seamless process. After a photograph is taken, users can choose to upload their image to social media. That’s fun for party guests but even more important at business events.

Shared photographs become effective word-of-mouth marketing. Can you imagine hosting a product launch, and encouraging all of your guests to upload photos of your product to Twitter? There’s no better way to make huge numbers of people more aware of your brand new product!

Alternatively, why not provide the option for guests to print their photographs instantly? This is a great way for people to take home memories of birthday parties or proms, or could even be a way to get pictures of all of your guests to keep in your own wedding album.

Robot photographers can be customised

Hire a robot and make it your own, with customisation options. It’s possible to add your branding by changing on-screen greetings, adding your logo or uploading branded videos. In this way, your new robot photo booth becomes an advert for your business.

Robot photo booths move around

Whilst a traditional photo booth stays in one place, and might not attract attention, your robot photo booth will feature smart map building for indoor navigation. You have to encourage people to visit a standard photo booth, but your robot won’t be scared to approach them. Who can resist a robot that stands beside them, inviting them to have their photo taken?

Your robot photo booth will really interact with your guests, becoming a central part of the event without getting in anyone’s way. Meanwhile, a traditional photo booth would be tucked away with many people scared to approach it and use it.

To maximise product awareness, to get as many photographs as possible and to share your event with the world, there’s really only one choice. If you want the ‘wow’ factor, hire a robot photo booth for your next event.

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