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Why should you hire a robot bartender for your next event?

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If you are planning a product launch, a big birthday party or a company shindig, you will want to make it a night that everyone remembers. There are lots of ways in which you could go about this, from choosing the venue you hire carefully to deciding on how best to decorate the room itself. One thing that you should also consider is hiring a robotic bartender for your event. As the name suggests, these innovative robots will serve drinks to guests rather than human bar staff being needed.

But why should you hire a robot to work the bar for you?

It will make your event unique

When it comes to throwing parties or putting on work events, you want yours to offer something unique and different. The problem these days is that this can sometimes be hard to do! One thing that will really help you stand out though is hiring a robotic bartender to make and serve drinks. Guests will not have seen this cool, cutting-edge tech before and it will really add a memorable twist to the evening.

It will create a huge buzz

It is pretty certain that people will be impressed and amazed by your robotic bartender as it serves them drinks. The first thing most will do is take photos and start uploading them onto social media to show the world what is happening. This will create a massive online buzz around your event, both at the time and also in the following weeks. This is especially good for any work events where organic, word-of-mouth marketing is like gold dust.

Cuts out any human errors

One of the best reasons to use service robots for parties or events is how they can reduce human errors. This is especially true with robot bartenders who have special technology to take orders and remember who wanted which drink. This means all your guests get what they ordered and no mistakes are made. Of course, robotic bartenders never get ill or tired either – they simply start work when they should and keep going at maximum performance levels until you are done.

Robot hire or purchase with Service Robots

If you like the sound of what robot bartenders can bring to your event, call Service Robots today on 01384 389 317. We have these machines to hire out or even buy if you put on regular events which you plan to use them at. Get in touch for more details.


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