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Eva Photography Robot Brings “Wow Factor” To Weddings and Events

Imagine attending an event where a robot approaches you, kindly asks if you’d like your photo taken and instantly posts the snapshot for you online. You’d be pretty amazed, wouldn’t you?

Wedding vendors, photographers and event planners are always on the lookout for something unique they can offer their clients. That’s why it’s no surprise that we’ve received such great feedback on our futuristic photography service robot.

In this case study, we spoke to two of our customers – both of whom have achieved great success with Eva the Photography Robot.

The first is John Price, a wedding photographer in Nottingham, UK and the owner of John Price Photography. The second is Graeme Rawlings, the Managing Director of Think Robotics Limited in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Problem

Photo booths at events have been around for years. Instead of offering something guests had seen before, Price was looking for something different he could offer at his event which would be a memorable talking point.Rawlings was also looking for something new and unique. “I’m always looking for new ideas and technologies.” he says. “I believe we are starting to see service robots become more mainstream and saw Eva as a great way to promote this technology to NZ.”

The Solution

Enter Eva, a photography robot who roams around the venue interacting with guests. More than just a photobooth, Eva approaches guests and asks them if they would like their photo taken. Once she has snapped the photo, guests can view it on the screen and decide to print the image or share it on social media.

Both Rawlings and Price realized Eva would be a great solution for promoting their business and catching the attention of customers.

Price realized that Eva could be an excellent addition to his photography services at weddings and events. So, he decided to offer her as an add-on to the existing services he offered. He spent a small amount on advertising and created a Facebook page and website to promote Eva.

Rawlings also began to promote Eva, via his website and social media as well as direct marketing campaigns.

eva photobooth robot

The Advantages

Standing Out From the Competition

One of the huge advantages of using Eva at events was the attention and interest she generated. “It is something totally unique and certainly has that WOW factor.” says Price. “The fact it can roam around and take photos of people as well as offering features like taking surveys opened the doors to many other opportunities.”

Versatility of Services

Another advantage of working with a service robot such as Eva is the amount of different features and services she can be programmed to perform. This is something Rawlings appreciated when using Eva at Think Robotics – “I like the way you could use Eva to do different tasks and that she was not just an iPad on a stick.” he said.

“I am impressed by the ideas clients had for using the robot,” said Price. “For example one couple asked if the robot could move around and show their guests a table seating plan on the screen so they will all know where they are going to be sitting. What a great idea.”

Increased Bookings

The numbers are clear – service robots increase sales. By using Eva as part of his service, Price has dramatically increased his bookings. “Last year I attended 6 wedding shows and took 9 bookings.This year I have attended 4 wedding shows and and have secured 15 bookings all of whom have added on the Robot.” he explains. “Just from these 4 shows alone has given me an increase in sales of £13,500.”

Word of Mouth Promotion

Having a robot take your photo at a wedding is a unique experience that really gets people talking. Price estimates that the novelty of encountering Eva will be excellent for word of mouth marketing, as guests snap selfies with the robot and spread the word online. “50 upcoming weddings with an average of 150 guests at each gives an exposure of 7,500 face to face unique experiences with a robot. The opportunities of referrals because of this is huge.” he says.

The Results

For Price, Eva helped him stand out from the competition by offering something no other wedding photographer did. “I now have a USP in my business and am getting bookings that I otherwise would not have. I am now taking more bookings since the introduction of the robot.” he explains.

Rawlings also got a positive response after using Eva. He was impressed by the way people loved the concept and wanted to have their photo taken by a robot. He plans to keep marketing Eva in the future and get as many bookings as possible.

How would you use a robot like Eva to add a “Wow” factor to your business?

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