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How to book a Giant Robot

Is it possible to find a giant robot, preferably humanoid in appearance, to make a massive impression at a celebration, product promotion, conference or exhibition appearance?

Preferably one that provides a useful service during the event.

Giant robots that serve a purpose may sound a ‘tall order’, but the answer is an emphatic yes!

What you need is an Eva Photo Booth Robot.

Hire Eva Photography Robot

How Eva fits the bill for impressive giant robots

This is a sophisticated and impressive piece of technology. Eva stands head and shoulders above alternative ways to take photos at events.

Not least, as this robot hire option offers you an autonomous photographer who can go ‘face to face’ with your guests.

Eva Photo Booth robots move effortlessly around a pre-designated area – which can be an entire room or exhibition hall for example. Using advanced AI programming and sensors, your giant robot gets around and about safely and in a well-coordinated way.

Then, she engages with your guests by moving towards them, or standing still when your giant robot inevitably draws a big crowd!

Your event guests can then operate her controls using a touch screen and voice commands.

What does a robot photo booth do?

This particular giant robot is not ‘just a pretty face’ though.

The images Eva takes can be instantly printed on photo creation stations located in the room, such as on your information stand. She can also send images to social media and mobile phones.

Imagine the long term benefits of this. Not only will people at your event share and comment on images from an Eva Photo Booth Robot, but they could also take selfies on their own phones standing next to your giant robot! The exposure this gives is, well, gigantic!

How easy are they to operate?

Having such an incredible piece of technology at your event can seem a little daunting. Do giant robots create a big ‘ask’ to use them?

Absolutely not. We work with clients to programme their robot hire options to match the occasion and their specific needs. All technical assistance and advice is provided within the contract and is clear and unequivocal, making it easy to use Eva Photo Booth robots – or any of our autonomous technology – even if they are highly advanced!

Clearly, if you want a giant robot for your event, party or exhibition, Eva needs to be at the top of your ‘guest list’.

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