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Carson Service Robot

Carson Robot is the next generation, UK designed and built, universal service robot, capable a range of service functions, Ranging from photography, survey and advertising to reception, hospitality service and food/drink delivery, Carson will provide your guests and customers with a unique and memorable service experience.

Hire from just £899+vat (4 hour event hire)

Purchase from just £8,999 + vat

Carson Robot Applications


Event Photography

Event Attendee Surveys

Roaming Advertising

Catering & Hospitality

Table Waiting

Food & Drink Delivery

Office & Guest Reception

Greeting Service

Photo & Pass Production

Arrival Notification

Technologically Advanced Spatial Awareness, Navigation & Object Avoidance

Carson Robot features over 17 environment and motion sensors to ensure both safe and accurate navigation of your floorspace whilst at the same time providing a welcoming and secure interaction with customers.

With split second object avoidance, Carson even caters for those unforeseen moments when your customers may step into its path, maintaining a safe environment and experience for all.

360° Obstacle Avoidance

At the core of its high level of customer safety features is its 360 degree sensor arrays ensuring it is cognisant of its relative positioning, obstacles and movement.

With a wide view 180 degree front lidar system supported by rear vision sensors set to a depth of field of 87° × 58°, Carson can detect and react to obstacles, in an instant from up to 10 meters away.

Optimal Path Plannng & Navigation

Through a combination of lidar hector mapping and optimal path planning Carson creates a highly defined and accurate map of the environment enabling it to navigate doorways and narrow spaces with ease.

In addition, built it encoders within the hubs of the motorised wheels and integrated suspension system provide Carson with high precision and super smooth motion control, across your floor space.

AI Face Detection & Interaction

Utilising its proprietary AI-based deep learning face detection model, for certain applications, Carson will stop and ask question set questions or request if actions are required i.e. “would you like me to take your photo”.


Carson Robot On Black and White Background in Portrait
  • Weight

    64 Kg

  • Contruction

    High-Grade Grade Stainless Steel & Aluminium with composite features.

  • Charge Time

    6 Hours

  • Battery Life

    ~6-8 hours

  • Load Capacity


  • Safety & Sensors


    9 Sonar Sensors

    Depth Camera

    5 Floor IR Sensors

    IMU (Intertial Measurement Unit) in conjunction with LiDAR for positioning

Enquire To Hire or Buy Carson Robot

Carson Robot is available on either a long or short term hire and also available for outright purchase.

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