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How robots can improve user experience in hospitality

Most hotel guests are used to receiving services from human staff, but increasingly, robots are becoming a common feature in the service industry. From robots hotels to delivery robots and receiving service from a robot waitress, robots that serve hotel guests are now a common trend whose popularity is on a steady rise.

Hospitality robots use refined technology and are receiving cultural acceptance to work and live among us safely and, above all, are cost-effective. Generally, the use of robots in hotels aim to provide a better experience for guests. But how? Well, let’s look at how they improve user experience.

Check-in and check-out

Robots are increasingly playing a significant role in the hospitality industry by providing a memorable customer experience. When it comes to the front desk experience, robots have taken over and are now helping in delivering exceptional service. For example, the Henn na Hotel in Nagasaki replaced its front desk staff with robots to handle all the check-in, check-out and answering queries.

Information gathering

If you are new to a hotel, the first time experience can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. However, thanks to robotics, hotels are now incorporating gadgets that search and respond to customer queries and give instant answers..

Greater personalisation

Personalised services are one of the hallmarks of a great hotel experience. Unlike humans who may at times forget faces and names, robots can easily recognise faces and remember names, and more importantly, they remember guests’ preferences.

For regular guests, robots note their preferences and will always send them to their rooms on arrival. For new guests, the robots will help the hotel’s staff to store their purchases and preferences for future use.

robot waitress in hotel


As already mentioned, robots provide a repository of information that helps in the personalisation of user experience. Therefore, the data helps in time-saving because there will be no calling room service required for regular guests. Additionally, robots can significantly save on human labour by offering services such as directions and recommendations, thereby providing human staff with sufficient time to do other duties.

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