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A Sanbot for your next corporate event?

Are you looking to impress delegates at an upcoming corporate conference? Interested in finding new ways to make your brand appear cutting-edge and technology savvy? Perhaps you’re simply after a cost-effective and efficient addition to your workforce? A humanoid robot known as Sanbot may be just what you’re looking for. We’ve put together a few facts and figures about the Sanbot to illustrate why robots (or cobots) may be perfect for your organisation.

What exactly is Sanbot?

Sanbot is what is known as a humanoid robot that was developed by robotics company QIHAN Technology. Intended to combine the best attributes of both human and machine, the Sanbot platform harnesses cloud-enabled robotics technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to serve the retail, healthcare, security, education and hospitality industries, amongst others.

The Sanbot features over 60 sensors, providing it with a fine-tuned awareness of its surroundings, as well as obstacle detectors and a laser projector that is embedded in its head. In this way, the Sanbot can move around seamlessly and nimbly avoid obstructing humans within a commercial environment.

If you’re looking to impress potential clients and delegates, the Sanbot has plenty of moves up its sleeve. For example, its animated arms can move to the beat of any given tune, and its 12-wheel design and rotation abilities mean its movements will captivate any audience. For those interested in interacting with their new robot friend, Sanbot’s voice recognition features allow it to respond intelligibly to commands.

Why Sanbot is perfect for your business

Sanbot was designed to bring robotics technology into the mainstream world of business. As well as its impressive abilities to interact with clients, Sanbot features an application programming interface (API) that allows developers to build Android applications that make use of the robot’s AI capabilities to deliver interactive services that improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

Sanbot can turn a regular visit to a conference or trade show into something dynamic, fun and novel. What’s more, Sanbot can even be used within industries such as healthcare to act as a helpful assistant. Indeed, Sanbot’s capabilities can help increase business efficiency and save your organisation money in a way that benefits human workers. In a healthcare setting, for example, it can work all night long to provide people with a comforting presence and lighten the load on late-night workers. In a retail setting, the Sanbot can be programmed to drive sales and find out information about your customers base.

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