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Eva Tour Robot

Eva Tour is a Multiple Purpose Event Tour and Personal Escort Robot that can be programmed to take Guests/Clients around a venue and visit various pre-programmed points, or to take a guest to specific destination within a venue.

As well as being a tour guide it can also be programmed to recognise faces and ask if it can help them by taking them to somewhere they may like to go.

When it arrives at the destination it can speak a pre programmed phrase, play a chosen sound file or even show a short video to the guest/client of the destination reached.

Programming Eva Tour is very simple and only need be done once per different location.

Eva Tour is the New way to great your guests, be the first to offer this unique Tour Guide to your customers.

Eva Tour is ideal in many different scenarios to bring a customer service like no other to your company.

Use Eva Tour for:

  • Meet And Greet Your Clients
  • Museum Tour Guides
  • Museum Interactive Tour Guide
  • Car Showroom
  • Universities Guides
  • School Greeting and Guide
  • Hotel Reception Greet and Guide
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