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Make an impact with a robot tour guide

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The Smithsonian in Washington, DC has already been making waves with its robot tour guide. Pepper the robot has been taking visitors on guided tours around the Smithsonian Institute, and the public loves the experience. It’s a 4-foot-tall humanoid robot that can interact with museum visitors and give insight into its many exhibits. The Smithsonian has enthusiastically assured the world that Pepper has helped enhance the educational experience, as well as the entertainment factor.

A sophisticated addition to the workforce

Pepper has the ability to answer frequently asked questions and tell interesting stories. It can make a range of gestures and react to things, and it is equipped with an interactive touch screen for guests to engage with. As a bonus, Pepper regularly entertains museum visitors with its dancing skills, and will even pose for selfies – something which has been a big success in attracting the crowds.

These docent robots roam the halls of all 5 branches of the Smithsonian, giving visitors an unforgettable experience to tell their friends about. The Pepper robots perform different duties at each of the Smithsonian branches – for example, in the National Museum of African Art, it is able to translate phrases in Swahili. And at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, there is a Rosa Parks VR experience which is guided by a Pepper robot.

Unique educational opportunities

The robots are also specialist programmed to teach coding and software engineering to visiting students. This is a uniquely powerful way to put across the benefits of coding and programming to budding enthusiasts, paving the way for future generations of robotics and software.

There is no doubt that these robot tour guides are an attraction in themselves and a great way to get visitors through the doors. Once people are in their presence, they will have an unforgettable experience and engage with the sights and displays in ways they never would have before. It’s a superb way to attract customers and make them want to tell their friends and even come back again. And it’s something that is within your reach, with the Eva Tour Robot supplied by Service Robots.

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