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Hiring robots for events

When you’re organising an event, you really need to find something which is going to lend it the ‘wow’ factor and help it stand out. Whether you’re organising a big party, an exhibition or product launch, we have the answer – robots. Robot hire brings something completely novel to your event and gives your guests something to talk about, ensuring your exhibition or party lives long in their memories.

Something out of the ordinary

Robots can be a fantastic ice breaker and focal point at any large social function. The robots we provide can carry out a number of duties, from waiting on guests with drinks and canapes to capturing the event through photography. With their smart sensors helping them navigate a crowded room, these advanced robots can work in tandem with your human staff to bring a little added extra to your event.

From the hundreds of events we have provided robots for, we’ve seen first-hand just how warmly guests take to them. Although robots have been growing in popularity over the past few years, they are still a relatively uncommon sight at exhibitions and parties, which is why people are so entertained and intrigued by them. Guests are guaranteed to enjoy putting them through their paces and seeing just how intelligent this new technology has become.

The best exhibition robots

Whatever sort of event you are planning, we have the perfect bots for you. Service Robots has some of the most advanced robots on the market, making use of the latest improvements in artificial intelligence (AI) to see we’re leading the way. From survey robots to waitress robots, all our little tech friends can provide something quirky and unique for your event.

When you hire robots from us you bring something out of the ordinary to your social function. These smart robots serve both a practical function and provide entertainment, delighting guests as they go about their work smoothly and efficiently.

Ready to hire?

If you’re planning a social event such as a party or exhibition, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a range of robots available for you to hire, so whatever your requirements and budget, we have you covered. To learn more about our robot friends or to book them for your next event, just get in touch with our expert team today. We can offer you more guidance on choosing your ideal bots, to see you get an event with a difference.

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