Service robotics to make great leaps forward with advanced, innovative technologies

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The field of service robot is still considered an emerging one. Its aim is to cut down on labour and improve operations efficiency by replacing manual tasks. There has been tremendous innovation around the world to solve labour shortages with robots that help with things like cooking, making coffee and delivering all sorts of items. These activities have been gaining momentum in various industries, and the field is set to see significant growth in the coming years. Expect to see robot hire increase significantly as the demand to fill the labour shortage in many sectors drives businesses to look for alternative solutions.

Robots that cook

New collaborations and innovative technologies are going into work to develop robots that can make up for the shortfall in cooking staff. Robots that can cook food, both in the home and in restaurants, are being painstakingly designed to improve on what’s already available. The cooking robots of the future will even be able to perform tasks like ordering food supplies and preparing a wide range of dishes, bringing dining culture into the robotic age. It’s expected that these robots will become available over the next 3-4 years, and there are restaurants opening all over the world with a focus on robot staff. It’s an exciting prospect for businesses in the industry that have struggled to keep up with customer demands on their kitchen staff.

Infinite computing power for service robots

Soon, the computing power for service robots will not be limited to built-in chips. Through the cloud, they will have access to the infinite power they’ll need to evolve in sophisticated machines. With 5G and ever-faster broadband services, new software is already emerging to give robots lightning-fast connectivity to the cloud that will offer limitless scalability for the service robots of the future. It will enable robots to handle complex tasks in shopping centres, banks, hotels and even hospitals, including handling customer queries.

There are already many business opportunities centred around robots, and these are only going to multiply exponentially over the next few years. Whether you want to go into business renting out robots, or think another business idea could benefit from the inclusion of robots, now is the time to get in early and be ahead of the game for the most exciting emerging field on the planet.


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