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Cocktail Robot Bar – Hire Starts from £4499 + VAT

Automated Robot Bar

Our Robot Bar includes a Robot Arm which is connected to our developed software which allows you to take the drinks, mix them live and deliver them to a set location

Robot bar hire and sale

Are you looking for something a little different and exciting for your next birthday party, corporate celebration or private event? If you want an innovative feature that creates plenty of interest as well as providing the perfect platform to publicise whatever you want to shout about, a robot bar tender or sales rep could be exactly what you’re looking for!

Harnessing advanced AI technology, a robot can take the place of a bar tender, waitress or even a sales assistant. From ensuring your guests are properly provided for through to displaying your branding or even performing a pre-recorded message, robots add value to almost any occasion.

What can robots do?

The robots we hire can be programmed to complete a wide range of tasks, depending on what’s required. From carrying trays of snacks and/or drinks through to performing “meet ‘n’ greet” functions, completing a piece of repetitive sales work (for example, demonstrating a product) or simply circulating with your branding at the same time as conveying your message, contemporary robots can perform an enormous selection of roles. What’s more, they won’t let you down at the last minute, require breaks or ever say the wrong thing!

Robot Bar

Robot bar hire and sale benefits

There are numerous benefits to hiring a robot which go way beyond the actual function which they perform. The novelty value of the robot means that your guests are going to want to be seen with it and have their picture taken alongside your robot bar attendant or drinks handler. What this means for your business or key message is a considerable amount of free publicity! Because your branding can be displayed on the robot, every selfie sends helps to promote awareness of who you are and what you’re about. Not only that, but using a robotic assistant at your next function sends out a strong signal that you’re a modern, forward-thinking individual or organisation with cool ideas and a tech-savvy image.

The complete package of support and assistance

When you hire one or more of our robots, you also hire the services of our experienced, dependable support team. We are happy to take you through everything from the various options for programming your robot through to transporting them, setting them up and being on hand to take care of any last-minute changes or issues you might have. Why use a human bartender when a robot is available to assist?

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