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What are the benefits of hiring a robot DJ compared to a human one?

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We all know that music is a major part of making any party rock. Whether it is an 18th birthday bash, a 21st birthday celebration or an office Christmas party, the tunes you have playing really makes a difference to how good the atmosphere is. Many people will go the tried and trusted route of hiring a DJ to play their event in order to set the right mood. While this is a great idea, you might want to stop a moment before hiring a human DJ as you normally would. Advanced robot DJs are now on the market, and these can do all that a human DJ does – but with a range of added benefits.

But why should you hire a robot DJ compared to a human one?

Full control of playlist

We all know how difficult some human DJs can be over what they actually play at times! While you may give them a playlist of what you want on, they may still decide to miss tracks they don’t like out or slip in some of their own your guests may hate. Robot DJs come with none of these issues – you decide what will be played and the robot merely plays top tune after top tune as desired. This gives you complete control over the playlist.

Gives your party a unique feel

Whether it is a private party or work event, you will always be looking at how to make it more memorable. The trouble with using human DJs is that they are old hat now and something everyone is used too. Robot DJs, on the other hand, are pretty recent technology which means not many of your guests will have seen one before. By giving them something new, you will make sure your event stands out in their minds going forward.

More showmanship

As well as making your party more unique, a robot DJ will also make it more of a show. Hiring a human DJ can be a pretty underwhelming affair at times when a balding 50-year-old man with the stage presence of a wet paper bag turns up to play! When you hire a robot DJ though, you get next level excitement and presence. With moving robotic arms and LED lights flashing away, it will really catch people’s eye for the right reason.

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