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Robot Bars – The Future of Nightlife?

A revolutionary development in the hospitality industry, robot bars offer a completely autonomous bar run by a safe, collaborative robot or a cobot. Bar guests can order drinks, watch the robot mix them live, and deliver them to you on location through a robot arm run by software.

If you are a bar owner looking to offer guests a unique experience, having a robot instead of a bartender may do the trick. While robots aren’t cheap, you can always opt to rent one and benefit from ongoing customer support and assistance by the company that rents it. Robots provide an innovative feature that creates a lot of interest while providing fast, efficient services that will save you money over time. A robot does not require any salary or benefits and can work several shifts in a row. In addition, a robot can help spruce up the marketing of your space and help you attract new guests.

Leveraging advanced AI technology, a robot can take the place of a bartender, waitress or even a sales assistant. Depending on your needs, a robot can be programmed to complete a wide range of tasks. From performing meet and greet functions to handling repetitive tasks such as sales work, demonstrating a product, circulating with your branding for marketing purposes, or mixing the same drink over and over, robots add value in many ways and can take on several roles. They also eliminate human error as they won’t cancel shifts last-minute, start arguments or require breaks. Especially during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, a bartender who can work 24 hours a day and can serve precisely the drinks customers want while also reducing human contact proves practical.

In Seville, Spain, robots helped serve drinks in different bars to help stop the spread of COVID-19. One of them, Spot, a robot created by Boston Dynamics and partner Spain-based Macco Robotics, would deliver beers to customers, therefore minimising contact and maintaining virus safety measures. Another machine would pour beers at the bar, using advanced engineering to ensure the perfect pint. Before the pandemic, robots like these were sometimes used in Spain as a marketing tool to grab attention at events. During the pandemic, they became an essential tool to keep business going.


Having a robot man your bar offers you efficiency, productivity and significant marketing value. The novelty of a robot bartender will have people wanting to take pictures with it, providing you with free PR, increased brand awareness and efficient word-of-mouth marketing. What’s more, it can position you and your company as innovative, tech-savvy and modern. In sum: a robot bartender is safe, helpful, efficient and will create a buzz. Both bar owners and guests get to enjoy the benefits of a robotic bar, a sign for what is to come and what may become the future of nightlife.


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