Delivery Robots Increase As Restaurants Strive To Keep Their Businesses Open.

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The Restaurant and Hospitality Industries have certainly taken a knock over the last year and according to the office of National Statistics 79% of staff Furloughed in the UK due to the Pandemic, were from the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry.

Restaurants have had to adapt to a new way of working to ensure they continue to bring revenue in and with many operating both an in house and takeaway service, they are adopting to new digital-first business models.

Robotic Companies and those that specialize in off the shelf preparation Robots and delivery Robots are witnessing the impact on the Industry firsthand. The Industry faces significant challenges in order to adopt new ways of delivering to their Customers.

Many ecommerce platforms, in particular Slerp are helping Restaurants to set up online stores, many are waiving their set up fee’s. London Bakery Bread ahead has launches online baking classes, using Instagram live to stream their classes.

Restaurants that can stay open are doing so but they are also desperately searching new ways of operation in order to not only function safely and give confidence to their staff but to instill confidence for their Customers. Many Restaurants are using the services of delivery Robots to deliver food which reduces contact with Humans. The delivery Robots can also interact with Customers, taking orders and returning plates and glasses to the kitchen.

We are certainly seeing some interesting developments and those organisations that are willing to adopt more forward thinking ways of operating are the organisations that will potentially grow and thrive not only during this very difficult time but beyond. Many Restaurants are finding it tough at the moment but Industry insiders believe that when we do emerge from this crisis, there will certainly be new ways of doing things that will be around a lot longer than the current crisis.


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