Service Robots Are Finding A Home In The Restaurant Industry.

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Restaurants and smaller food outlets have learned to become innovative during the recent crisis and many of them including the bigger chains have invested in their already existing take away services whilst 0thers have introduced a new system which means although they can’t welcome sit down guests, they can still provide customers with their favorite food and an excellent service.

As Restaurants once again prepare for reopening, they are looking for more in the way of transforming the services they offer and the service Robot Industry is playing a huge role in this.

Service Robots are being used not only to deliver foods within these Restaurants but are being utilized behind the scenes to prepare and cook foods. One such Robot is the Amy waitress which is particularly popular for delivering food and drinks, interacting with customers, promoting sales and reducing the human to human contact during the recent crisis.

The hospitality Industry is realising that they can have the best of both worlds by providing new services that offer unique experiences to the customer but they are also solving the very important issue of social distancing within their establishments.

Whilst the story was always meant as a bit of an exaggeration, the idea that Robots could soon be taking over the food industry is no longer completely outlandish. With decreasing prices for service robots equipment and easy training, Restaurants are expecting to see more food service Robots in the future.

It is no longer outlandish to imagine a Restaurant or hotel using the services of Robots to not only cook food but deliver it and interact with customers. The recent pandemic has certainly accelerated sales within the Service Robots Industry and allowed Restaurant owners to not only think outside of the box but also solve the issues as they adapt to a new norm.


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