Service Robots In The Hospitality Industry.

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Robots in hospitality are becoming much more prevalent, improving the customer experience but also helping Restaurants to adapt to the new norm we are now living in.


Some 50 years ago, the idea of robots within the hospitality sector would have been laughed at and certainly dismissed but today with advancements in technology including A1, touchscreens and Apps, guests are far more likely to accept Robots as the norm.


One of the main areas for service robots within the hospitality sector is information gathering.  One of the biggest bonuses of using Robots is their ability to gather information but also responding to customer requests for information instantly.


One example would be a Robot called Connie, used by Hilton Hotels. It was one of the first A1 based Robots to be used in a hospitality setting.  The Robot can answer questions such as, where is the nearest Airpot, where is the nearest restaurant and can also general questions regarding directions around the hotel.


Service Robots such as Amy Waitress are also being regularly employed in specific areas such as food serving. This not only enhances the customer experience but also helps reduce human and food contact.  Similar Robots are being used in kitchens to help with the 2 MTR distancing rule,  many of these Robots can wash up, clean floors and help serve foods.


Robotics in all areas of hospitality are proving incredibly useful, with fast check in, providing information and less waiting around. The basis of a good guest experience is hotel personalization of their visit. Robots in hospitality overall improve the guest experience dramatically and although a robot cannot smile, it can recognize faces and remember names. Guests are welcoming the changes within the industry and insiders predict that as the industry changes and evolves to meet current demands, we will see many more service Robots occupy the hospitality Sector.






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