Winners Of The Lloyds Artificial Intelligence business Award.

Posted By: have worked within the service Robots industry for 6 years, supplying service Robots within the UK and worldwide. Service Robots include Amy Waitress, Dexter delivery Robots and Amy Photography Robots. The Company had done exceedingly well within the Robotics market and a great start to 2020 but like many Companies this year, struggled to gain traction when the pandemic hit.


When the Pandemic hit, like most Companies, went from a thriving Company within the Robotics Industry to experiencing no sales within the UK or Globally.


As the Company struggled to hang on to some sales they were forced to change course and reinvent themselves within other Robotics Markets and towards the end of 2020, the new UVC Robot was born.


Sales of the new UVC Robot started steadily before escalating within the UK and globally and are now doing incredibly well with sales increasing healthily. was entered into the Lloyds National Business Awards 2020 (The artificial intelligence business of the year Award) and was announced its winner 0n 10th November 2020.



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