Rise Of Robotics In Both Industrial And Service Sectors.

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In many ways, the recent Pandemic has devastated many businesses but Robotics Companies are seeing a massive rise of interest in Robots, particularly Industrial Robots but also Robots within the service Industry.


Many businesses have had to adapt in order to survive and these changes are not going anywhere soon. As things begin to improve, many businesses have found more productive ways of working which not only cuts costs but also saves time.


Restaurants and Pubs have been hit particularly hard and have spent many of the past months closed. Those that have adapted well have managed to develop take out services whilst they prepare for reopening but for many, making sure they have made additional changes for when premises are open again is of paramount importance.


Staff and social distancing will go on for some time, this may in some businesses restrict the amount of staff present at any one time which leaves business owners in a very real dilemmas. Many service Robots including the delivery Robots and Amy Waitress Robots have seen a surge in popularity and a solution by business owners to not only deliver food, collect plates and take orders but to interact with customers and offer another level of professionalism.


Many factories particularly food processing factories are also seeing a real use for Robots within their businesses. As many have been forced to close and others operating on a limited staff basis, Robots have become a very real reality for many.


Many of the larger specialist Robot Companies, most notably those supplying the UVC Robot also commonly known as the Disinfectant Robot have seen an unprecedented rise in the sale of their Robots. Many establishments including hospitals, schools, Care homes and Airports are employing the use of the UVC Robots as an additional cleaning unit to not only make sure rooms are cleaned thoroughly but to give much needed confidence to customers.


The sale of Robots across both the industrial and service sector has been rising for some years but the recent pandemic has accelerated not only our use of these Robots but our understanding of how they can help businesses long term.


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