Why Robots Will Become A Reality In Restaurants.

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Robots in Restaurants have been predicted for some time but are we about to see service Robots dominate our Kitchens and Restaurants. Robots are certainly on the rise in the Restaurant sector, the US Influential National Restaurant Association show in Chicago featured three such Robots, a vending machine type Robots, A sushi Robot and a Robotic Fry Cook.

A Robotics company in San Francisco is planning a smart Restaurant concept which is based around a Burger making Robot but generally speaking it has always been considered that Robots are not completely well suited to the Restaurant environment. This is largely because they are normally designed to carry out a very specific task, so what has changed.

The simple answer is Robot technology, which has evolved and improved dramatically over the last ten years. Automation technology such as ConnectSmart Kitchen System and front of house counterpart DineTime will revolutionize the way Restaurants are run.

Impressively in Japan, Pizza Hut is trailing a Robotic Waiter, the 3ft humanoid is extremely sophisticated and can verbally interact with customers much in the same way a Human would. The Robot complete with facial recognition which helps it monitor customers emotions can also respond to questions and even offer dietary advice to Customers

Service Robots are also making an appearance in Restaurants across the world including the UK. Advancements in technology allow these Robots to be able to interact with Customers, deliver food to tables, take plates back to the kitchen and take food orders. The Robots interaction is only adding to the customers overall Dining experience but they are also working well for Restaurant Owners.

Whilst the rise of Robots in restaurants has been a slow burner up until now, the advancements in technology are exposing them in a new light and insiders believe, there is a real place for Robots in the Restaurant sector in the every near future.


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