The Rise Of Security Robots

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The Security industry has been discussing the possibility of both patrol and security Robots, these bots will move around performing basic security tasks in areas such as Shopping centres, businesses and work places.


Many people including business owners are confused what Robots actually mean to the security Industry.  Questions asked are, how this may affect security guards and are they enabling the industry or threatening it.


Robots cannot take the jobs of trained security guards and at this present time, they do not pose a threat to the jobs market.  The one main reason they are not a threat to jobs is their inability to be able to perform tasks completely on their own.  Their main tasks are to send data back to a human and surveillance.


Whilst a security bot is  certainly capable of replacing certain tasks such as patrols, they won’t actually replace guards themselves which means workforces are likely to be unaffected.


Its more helpful if we think of security robots as more as mobile security cameras for guards work stations. Security Robots will move around on their own using rechargeable batteries, wheels and sensors, the footage taken will then be sent back to guards.  Some security Robots can also use their sensors to determine if there is movement and they can sometimes be programmed to move towards alarms that have been activated.


If guards are working across a particularly big area, security bots are particularly useful as another pair of eyes and making sure all zones are being monitored properly.


Many wonder just how smart the average bot is and this largely depends on which company has produced the bot in the first place, there are many different companies creating a variety of bots in all shapes and sizes. They are also particularly good at filling in where security guards may not be sufficient on their own.  This may include infrared sensors to easily see in the dark without needing a source of visible light.


Even if it is not in your plans to adopt the services of security bots just yet, it is useful that security staff are prepared to work with Robots in the future.  As Robots continue to become more widespread and affordable, they will be integrated into local security systems in a wide range of businesses in the future.






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