The Future Of Service Robots

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The service robots industry is experiencing a perfect storm of circumstances which is driving a phenomenal growth.  This is largely due to technology advances and the market being ready for the emergence of service robots.


Establishments and companies are looking at Robots to increase both productivity and efficiency and address the growing problem of labor shortages.  All of these things have come together at the same time and are driving a tremendous amount of interest in Robots.


Personal and consumer Robots are also a rapidly growing segment of robotics and the availability of consumer based robots has increased making these devices much more accessible.  Robots are now able to take on the mundane tasks such as cleaning, delivering food and taking orders which is freeing up staff to be more front of house.


Whilst we already have robots that are built for in store operation, the use of robots in store will extend beyond data capture to actually enable stores to cost effectively handle ship from store fulfillment for their customers.


The process of fulfilling ship from store usually involves a person navigating the store and putting items in a basket before checking out in the usual way. This process can be very expensive when compared to shipping from a dedicated fulfillment centre. Robots are frequently being used to navigate the store autonomously, sending a digital signal to store associates that the order is ready for collection. This model is and will greatly enhance retail store capabilities with expert precision.


There are many other robots within the service industry making a name for themselves and amongst many are the security robots.  Security robots equipped with expert navigation systems, vision systems and autonomous navigation systems to allow them greater coverage with less physical resource requirement.


Service robots will continue to find their place within many establishments and the perfect storm will allow retailers and many other establishments to provide more efficiency, productivity and overall customer satisfaction.




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