Why Service Robot Numbers Will Double Within The Hospitality Industry By 2024

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Whether chatbots or Robot assistants, the use of robots within the hospitality industry has increased dramatically over the past few years and the recent pandemic has only accelerated both their use and our understanding of their potential.


A large driving force in the use of Robots is the way customers perceive them and how likely they are in interacting with them comfortably.  A recent study carried out in 2017 showed that over 60% of Customers would be more than happy to be attended to by a service robot.


With the advancements on technology, it means that humans can interact much more easily with Robots than ever before making it an easy transition and comfortable exercise.  Robots especially those used in the hospitality industry can and do carry out tasks faster and more efficiently making it easier for customers to check in and out of hotels, get information and book local activities. As well as not having to wait, customers can now rely on service Robots as a reliable solution.


Service Robots are predicted to double by 2023 within the hospitality industry carrying out a range of tasks including checking customers in and out of hotels, providing information, serving food and taking orders.  Other robots being used include the Amy waitress, Eva photography robot and Eva Survey Robot.


Although there has always been great scepticism amongst customers where Robots are considered, we do know that opinions are changing and customers are now much more accepting of their presence.  We are all looking at Robots like we may look at an ATM  or self -service check out within supermarkets and the general feeling is no longer one of alarm.


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