Delivery Robots And The Robotic Boom

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Robot Automation is sweeping across industries and restaurants in particular are taking note. The food delivery giant DoorDash acquired food robotics company Chowbotics earlier this year and companies are promising to automate labor intensive kitchen processes.


The general feeling in the industry is that customers want food delivery and they also want value and the more people that order food for delivery, the more they are appreciating the technology associated with it.


SJW Robotics is creating a fully robotic restaurant and the companies Rowok system will prepare stir-fried meals and is able to prepare up to 75 meals per hour.  Meals will be available for both delivery and on site meals.


The struggle to staff restaurants has only highlighted the need for automation in all areas of the industry, from service Robots that will take orders, interact with customers and serve meals to Robots that can wash up and clean floors.


Insiders believe the real change has been by the customers themselves who are now much more accepting of automation and change. Customers like the idea of food delivery, swift food preparation and collection but they also like the idea and change of Service Robots actually situated within the restaurant areas. This means they can not only swiftly make a food order and have it delivered by a robot but they can also enjoy the novel experience.


The technology we have now is taking us to dimensions we would never have imagined 10 years ago and its happening rapidly. This is largely being driven by customer demands but also by the industries themselves as they struggle to keep up with the demand of a restaurant setting and finding staff.


Service Robots have and will almost certainly always work well alongside humans which is predominantly what they were invented for and we can expect to see a lot more of them over the next few years.


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