A Great Moment For food Delivery Robots.

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Delivery Robots are being used in more ways than one in both Restaurants and Pubs across the World.  The recent pandemic has changed things considerably and many believe that Restaurants will be every different places as far as food delivery is concerned in the future.


Many Restaurants are employing the use of  Robots to deliver food to customers within the Restaurant environment, both enhancing the customer experience and ensuring social distancing measures are adhered to in the current crisis.


Delivery Robots used in Restaurants are already incredibly reliable, using a mapping system, they will roam autonomously under instruction, deliver foods, collect plates and take orders and interact with customers. This gives staff extra time to interact with Customers on a more personal level.  They will also avoid obstacles and find the best route back to base.


The delivery Robots are also being used to deliver and dispatch fast food to many customers instead of having the in house experience.  Many Restaurants have still not opened properly and are instead are opting to use delivery Robots to deliver food to customer’s homes and Supermarkets.


Many Restaurants supplying take out foods have seen their orders triple in the last few months and it is a service they are unlikely to stop.  It is predicted Restaurants in the future will still provide the dining in experience but will also ramp up their take away services and this is where we will see a massive increase in delivery Robots.


The Industry is making great strides with A1 technology which allow Robots to learn and navigate terrain.  Although there is still a long way to go with the development of delivery Robots, they are certainly making their presence known in the market.


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