Demand For Autonomous Delivery Robots.

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There has been increased Popularity and a surge in demand for delivery robots since the pandemic started. In America, the use and distribution of delivery robots has jumped up  four fold since the pandemic began.


Many companies start off by manufacturing delivery robots for local areas and deliveries such as between shops and customers. Many of the autonomous delivery robots can travel on public roads within bike lanes and they are accurately able to avoid obstructions such as bikes, tree’s, cyclists and lamp posts.


The popularity of delivery and service robots was already on the rise but the pandemic had simply accelerated their usefulness and the main reason for this is the minimizing of human contact.  Other companies already operating delivery robots include Amazon, FedEx, Google, starship technologies and kiwi who’s robots have been delivering food since last year, particularly to students over a dozen campuses nationwide including Harvard and Stanford.


In Japan, the pandemic has led to an increase in robots that reduce human contact and autonomous robots provide the perfect answer.


In the hospitality industry service robots are also on the rise, the Amy waitress and the Eva Photography Robot are both providing excellent solutions to food delivery and capturing photo’s at weddings and events.


Restaurants in particular have been affected by the recent pandemic and although things are starting to return to some semblance of normality, there are still roadblocks to overcome. Some measures are still in place which can make operating difficult and many restaurants are looking for alternative solutions, not only do autonomous Robots offer that solution, they are also enhancing the overall customer experience.






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