Delivery Robots market Predicted To Grow At 20 Percent A Year

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The Delivery Robots market is predicted to grow  at an annual growth rate of 20% and is expected to be worth 34 Billion by 2024.  The majority of the demand is expected to come from the E Commerce Sector.


The introduction of Delivery Robots for E Commerce provides greater convenience for customers at a much lower cost, it will also seriously alter the competitive landscape. One of the key forces driving the market growth is the reduction in costs of last mile -deliveries.


Data analytic platforms such as big data analysis and predictive analysis are now being integrated and with the help of software, delivery Robots are now able to perform many more tasks.


The hospitality Industry is another Industry where Delivery Robots will increase dramatically over the next couple of years.  The Robots will be used to deliver meals to Customers, interact with Customers and collect plates.


The delivery Robots are particularly good at short trips and so are ideal for Restaurant settings, not only do they add to the Restaurant experience for Customers but they will also safely navigate their way back through the Restaurant avoiding objects as they go.


The North American Market is predicted to have the largest share of Delivery Robots and millions of Dollars has already been invested in Robotics Projects. There is a particular demand within the Retail sector which are using the bots to reduce labor costs.


Delivery Robots are also being seen regularly on College campuses, the Robots are ideal for this environment because they are brilliant at travelling short distances, they are being used to deliver food to Students where Students use their meal plans to pay for snacks.


The Delivery Robot Market will continue to increase over the next couple of years and with more Robots in production, the less expensive they will be,  making them more viable for many markets.


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