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Why The Photography Robot Is Proving A Great Success At Events.

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As events start to once again increase, photo booth hire Companies and event Companies can once again start to think about how they can increase their bookings and start to make money once again.


Many event establishments will be opening their doors very soon but there is some trepidation as the new rules and regulations including social distancing measures are adhered to.  Many event Companies and event establishments are unsure what to expect and until their doors are once again open, they will not be able to fully embrace new rules and coping strategies.


Many event Companies have used this very worrying time to take stock and improve their business whilst they wait and hope for business to start once again.  Many are asking the question of how they can improve their business and add other products to both serve the event Industry and help with new measures which will come into place.


Robotics are playing an integral part since the recent Pandemic in both Industrial and Public environments.   UVC Robots have become in high demand in setting such as Hospitals, Care homes and Shopping Malls, so too have Delivery Robots which are being used to deliver foods in Restaurants minimizing the human contact to offer confidence to staff and Customers.


The Eva Photography Robot is also seeing increased popularity in event settings to use alongside or independently of a Photo Booth. The Photography Robot will roam autonomously, interact with guests, avoid objects and print Photographs in the normal way. The Robot can be easily mapped to follow a set route within a room and will autonomously find the best route back.

The 360 PhotoBooth Experience enables you to capture a slow motion video from any angle.


Photographs can be printed from a print station in the room or uploaded as required. The Photography Robot not only adds the Wow factor to any event but it is proving invaluable and very popular due to  social distancing measures.


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