The Rise Of RaaS Robots As A Service.

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In enterprise,  Robots have been mainly streamlined to manufacturing and many of these Robots are used in specific areas within a business to automate processes such as repetitive tasks which often take several members of staff. This greatly speeds up production,  creates safety within the work place and increases revenue.


Robots as a service (RaaS) is a cloud Computing unit that facilitates the seamless integration of Robot and embedded devices into Web and Cloud Computing Environments. Many markets that have been traditionally dominated by Human in the loop solutions are fast reaching a point of inflection, this is enabling RaaS solutions to come forth.


The awareness Business owners now have regarding Robot Automation has increased dramatically over the last five years and prices of Robots have dropped dramatically. This is largely due to globalisation reducing hardware production costs and capabilities.  The cost of software, powerful computing and cloud software are also much more readily available. As a result Robot specific solutions are now much more readily available and are being sold at fixed costs.


Robots and associated software is now being sold in Bundles and also subscription packages and this change in the Robotics business model is going to radically transform markets and the future of work will begin to look very different. There are now new and variable costs models available because of subscription packages and its now more easy to calculate when a market is about to tip to favour RaaS.


A market will reach its Automated tipping point when RaaS solution is applied with a unit cost that is less or equal to the unit cost for Humans-in-the-loop conduct the same task. The building security Market has already reached its ATP. More traditionally office security has been conducted by Humans and there are an estimated 20 million private security workers worldwide.  Cobalt Robotics hopes to greatly change this by replacing a guard or guards with 30 percent cheaper Robotics security.  This is the difference of manning a building with three or four security Guards as opposed to having one Human manning and operating Robot security. All data received from Robot security is also used for training, management and security optimisation which improves the process as a whole.


RaaS is set to enter many more markets and RaaS is set to increase and grow by nearly 34.7 Billion worldwide in the next few years. This change will also greatly impact consumer markets and we are at the start of a massive shift in the way that work will be done.





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