5 Reasons Why Robots Won’t Replace Humans

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In the human vs robot debate, humans still have the upper hand. In this post, we outline the 5 reasons why robots won’t replace humans…yet.

Here are five reasons robots will not take over human servers anytime soon

1. Robots Aren’t Loved As Much By Humans As You Might Think.

Are you familiar with calling a bank or cable company lately? If you are like most people, the first few minutes of calling a bank or cable company were spent pressing “0” to attempt to reach someone real. Most likely, your customers feel the same about dining out.

2. It Takes Time For Trends To Become The Norm.

We talked about the robot restaurant in China. China is a huge country that is obsessed with technology and is the ideal environment for this concept. Some trends fail in America, and those that succeed are often very different from the original idea. You are probably correct if you think your customers don’t want robot servers.

3. A Waitstaff Member Can Make A Bad Experience A Positive One.

We are experts in using customer data to increase loyalty. Servcie robots technology is an essential tool for restaurateurs in order to gain greater insight into their guests’ experience. 

However, technology cannot replace the role of servers in creating a great guest experience. A winning loyalty strategy begins with a WOW experience for guests.

4. Technology Should Be Kept In The Back Office

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Customers who want a real server will be disappointed by robots. Instead, go high-tech in your back office and use software to help you schedule human servers more efficiently. 

You can also use technology to identify which menu items are bringing in the most customers. Technology can be used in a way that is less dramatic and more cost-effective than replacing people.

5. The Right People Are Well-Paid And Worth Every Penny.

It is difficult to quantify the value of outstanding service to your company. These are the kind of servers guests return to because they feel relaxed after a hard day.

The bartender who can give a compliment and cut off someone. The hostess who remembers that the Smiths arrive at 6pm on Wednesdays. They are the heart and soul for your business and cannot be automated.


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