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Disinfectant Robots-The Latest Infection Prevention.

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Disinfectant Robots also commonly known as UV Robots have been commonly used in settings such as Hospitals and Care Homes to effectively clean and for infection prevention. With the global pandemic involving Covid-19 disinfectant Robots have become in high demand.


UV Sterilization Robots use a specific UV Light that kills Germs, Pathogens and bacteria and as the fight against Covid-19 continues, the Disinfectant Robots are being more commonly used to quickly and effectively clean. This not only saves time and staff resources but is an effective way for modern hospitals to keep infection levels down.


China is just one of the countries that are using the Disinfectant Robots in the fight against Covid-19 but there are other Countries such as Canada, UK and the America that are also using the Robots in large quantities and in various settings.


The Disinfectant Robots are being widely used in over 40 hospitals but because demand is high due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many Companies that supply these specialist Robots are running out of stock.  The UVD Robots have light bulbs that emit UV-C ultraviolet light which is able to destroy Bacteria, viruses and other harmful microbes.  The Disinfectant Robots damage the DNA and RNA of microbes destroying them and ensuring they are unable to multiply. The Robots will finish their cleaning cycle within 20 minutes after which time it is perfectly safe for staff to re-enter the room.


UV-C has been clinically proven to eliminate Bacteria and viruses and has been used for 40 years. It is also used to disinfect drinking water and eliminate E-coli from sewage plants.  The disinfectant Robots will autonomously position itself close to surfaces in order to effectively clean and eliminate any Viruses or Bacteria.


The Robots can work in both small and larger rooms within hospitals but they are also deployed in Airports, shopping Centre’s, places of work and hotels.


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