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Party Robot Rental

How can you make your party, product launch or business conference memorable and magical? Technology has provided the perfect answer. The best events in the coming months will feature robots!

It sounds like something from science fiction. However, it is now possible (and affordable) to hire service robots for parties and other gatherings. As it is something new and exciting, it makes photo booths and other gimmicks look like something from the Dark Ages!

Having an Artificial Intelligence-driven robot strutting their stuff at your event has instant wow-factor and is a great talking point too.

For corporate event organisers, using service robots can have a lasting impact. If you’re building your client’s reputation for being technologically-advanced, what could be better than having service robots moving around during your business conference or sales presentation?

For private celebrations such as special birthdays – or even for wedding receptions – hiring service robots is a wonderful surprise for guests.

Working, as they win friends and influence people.

  • Make your event stand out

  • Robot Greets You and can say anything you like

  • Can play a video

  • Can advertise Products

  • Capture emails and surveys from your events

  • Love them or hate them robots attract attention and are shared on social media without prompting

  • Winner of Best Event Photography Product  2019

  • Instant Photos

  • Instant Surveys

  • Make your event WOW, start of with a bang.

wedding robot photo booth

Apart from the novelty appeal of party and event service robots, what other advantages do they offer?

Well, they are a great way to entertain your guests for a start. Service robots can be programmed to provide guests with an interactive show, that can include special messages and announcements. Walkaround robots mingle with partygoers and event delegates, talking, shaking hands and generally interacting to break the ice.

As they are service robots, they can carry trays of food and party favours around too. Imagine having your business cards or product samples handed to guests by a smart and efficient robot “staff member”.

Does your event include a demonstration of some kind, such as trade show stall? Why have a human preparing food, showing off a new device or putting together a prototype? A service robot can do that with unfailing consistently as well as drawing a crowd.

Depending on the event type, you may even want your service robot programmed to clean up a bit as it “works the room”!

Are you organising an outdoor event or party, and looking for novel ideas? It is possible to still book service robots, as models have been developed to handle relatively rugged terrain and to work around a variety of obstacles.

About to become big on the party circuit

Event and party planners need to get in quick, to keep ahead of this fast-moving technological trend. Professional service robots, in general, are starting to become big news, and it is projected that by 2021 this market will reach $37 Billion!

So, if you don’t hire a service robot for your event, someone else you know will beat you to it! So get in touch for prices and details soon.

Robot Hire – multi-tasks technology that stands out

Technology linked to artificial intelligence (AI) has created a new breed of services robots, available for hire now if your organisation wants to show its innovative and fun side.

Not only can you hire robots to impress, but you can also now hire robots to carry out a wide range of different practical tasks and functions too. This means they are far from being ‘just’ a memorable gimmick or crowd pleaser. Robots can also make events, receptions, hospitality businesses and a wide range of other initiatives more successful.

You can select service robots which offer a selection of different functions and abilities. It is possible to find a robot for hire for one-day events, or for longer-term application.

What can robot hire achieve?

This colourful autonomous service technology offers a wide range of incredible benefits. In a nutshell, robot hire can make high profile initiatives or the daily routines of your organisation smoother and more impressive.

What can service robots actually do? The list is long but includes being able to capture images, serve drinks, respond to music requests or take canapés around, interacting with your guests. You can hire a robot to present information about your products and services, facilitate presentations or deliver items around venues and your workplace.

Service robots are now so advanced and brilliantly designed, that they really are incredibly versatile, rising to the occasion for a multitude of situations.

You can find a robot to hire for: events; celebrations; exhibitions; conferences; trade shows; promotions; product launches; and even service robots for reception areas or workplace operations.

What is the likely impact of service robot hire?

Is there one piece of automated technology that can amuse, interest, engage, serve, photograph, educate, inspire and question your target audience? The answer is YES – a highly mobile and versatile service robot!

When you work with Service Robots to find the perfect model for your use, your hire robot can travel around your event space, hotel lobby, reception area – or any other location. It will deliver not just the ‘WOW’ factor, but lots of other advantages too.

You could hire a robot to welcome, photograph, serve or chat with your guests or visitors. Imagine the reaction of your target audience, when they have an opportunity to interact with such an advanced piece of technology, that has a responsive AI ‘personality’!

It will attract the best possible kind of attention. Especially as many models have human characteristics, while others are smart, sleek and very impressive autonomous devices.

Hidden benefits of robot hire

Some of the other advantages of finding UK robot hire are less obvious to your guests, event delegates or employees.

Robot hire also frees your staff up to do more personal engagement. Your automated technology will carry out basic tasks and functions in a fun way, but with seamless and flawless efficiency. Its AI programming and advanced capabilities make it extremely easy to use a hire robot even if you are not technology-minded.

Hire robots for education and training projects

Having your workforce at the top of their game is vital to your competitive edge, so organisations are always looking for ways to engage employees, and get their attention and interest.

Robot hire for staff gatherings provides a massive talking point. They can also disseminate corporate messages and interact, to get feedback from employees.

You could even hire a service robot for a project involving young people, or college and university students. What better way to promote STEM study and careers, than by using a robot to deliver key messages and interact with your audience!

Hire robots to generate sales queries and collate

Did you know that hiring a robot can also generate important feedback and data from your event, product launch or sales promotion? By chatting to delegates and potential customers, the service robot can present information about your product or service, and then collate comments and questions.

Think of them as walking-talking electronic brochures, who can also gather reaction to what you sell in one seamless process. Not to mention that this animated electronic brochure can track down people, and get right in front of them! There are no other forms of marketing material that do that.

Also, your hired robot could even gain extra attention and ‘traction’ being singing and dancing if the occasion calls for it. This makes finding robots to hire the ideal way to make sure that your sales message or product presentation are utterly unmissable.

Capturing images with smart, autonomous technology

Eva Photography Robots are an increasingly popular form of autonomous service technology for hire. They look absolutely amazing, and certainly show your organisation’s ability to be forward thinking, technology-minded and right up to date!

As an Eva Photography Robot hire moves around your venue, interacting with guests in a fun but responsive way, they will capture clear, good quality images. These can be printed straight away, or emailed to the individual. This autonomous robot photographer can also be a superb source of images for social media, that can be tagged to raise the profile of your event or organisation even higher.

How to deliver a presentation with massive impact

Formal presentations and speakers no longer need to be concerned about struggling to gain the attention of their audience. A service robot can introduce them, assist in delivering their multimedia material and then help support a lively Question and Answer session. All controlled remotely by the event organiser from a distance, leaving the person at the front of the audience to interact with their autonomous helper throughout a memorable presentation.

In fact, you could even dispense with the live human speaker, and deliver a whole presentation to your audience using the captivating services of a hired robot!

Make celebrations, parties and informal gatherings unforgettable

DJ robot hire and bar robot hire are just two of the options if you’re wondering “How can I make my event original and memorable?”. These are an excellent robot hire choice for any kind of event that’s more informal, but that needs to make a big impression on guests.

Knowing where to find a service robot for hire can make serving drinks or canapés at your wedding, party, corporate diner or milestone event unforgettable for guests.

The responsive, advanced AI programming used in DJ robots ensures that your event music is entirely relevant, and delivered with huge panache! It’s the best way to get your guests talking about you, for weeks after the event!

A bar robot for hire can smoothly transition around your venue, taking orders and delivering drinks. Has autonomous technology programming made such event drink service options safe?

You will be amazed at how sophisticated the programming is, within any form of service robot; including smart ‘humanoid’ robots to serve drinks and food. They can roam freely among your guests, avoiding collisions flawlessly and gliding around furniture, steps and people. That’s something that their human counterparts sometimes struggle to achieve!

Why hire, instead of buying?

Clearly, if you appreciate the immense value of having a service robot to support and contribute to your business – on a continuous basis – buying one outright can seem a commercially sensible option. It can be used in a variety of ways, to make an impact at regular events and shows, or in permanent use at your head office for example. (Don’t forget that some service robots make ideal receptionists or they can deliver items around your workplace every day.)

However, this would be a substantial investment in marketing, communication and event support technology. If your need for autonomous service technology is irregular, it makes it more affordable to hire robots when you need them.

One of the benefits of having a robot at your ‘beck and call’ temporarily, is that you can vary the model each time you hire one. This gives you access to a wide range of functions and tasks offered by robot tech.

Also, Service Robots provides the assurance that the hire model you choose will always be configured with the latest features and programmes. There is no chance of your service robot becoming outdated. Every time you commission an event robot, you get an up-to-the-minute version, in terms of emerging tech.

Working in partnership with the best robot hire company also gives you a high degree of technical support, to make sure the model you use meets your goals flawlessly, before returning to base.

What to consider when hiring a service robot

Are you wondering what are the pros and cons of robot hire?

This is a highly affordable way to make an event utterly unforgettable. Service robots for hire also offer robust benefits for carrying out tasks and functions in your hotel, restaurant, venue or general workplace.

However, though hiring robots offers a strong return on investment, it’s important to plan out exactly what you need, to reap maximum advantage.

This is something Service Robots is keen to help with, discussing your exact aims and objectives so you get authentic value for money.

Keep in mind that robot hire now offers you a wide range of possibilities. We are constantly adding new and different models for autonomous service technology to our portfolio.

You can hire a robot to take event photographs, find a ‘human-looking’ robot to interact with guests and gather feedback or deliver a corporate presentation with highly advanced autonomous equipment.

This shows the incredible range of possibilities, so it’s important to find the best robot hire model for you! Not only in terms of what it looks like and the services it provides. If you want the best type of hire robot, then it needs to be one configured specifically to meet your business needs or personal vision.

At Service Robots, we work with clients to configure all robots for hire in the UK, to match each individual event and the brief from the client.

You can’t hire robots ‘off the shelf’ from us, as each one of our models comes with an AI ‘personality’ and carefully tuned programming. That way we know that anyone asking “Can you hire robots for events?”- or who seeks to use a hire robot long term – will be delighted with the outcome. It’s why we have such a growing collection of glowing testimonials and independent recommendations for robot hire.

How can I hire a robot?

If you are now ready to explore the advantages of hiring a service robot for your organisation – or one off event – how does it work?

Booking autonomous service equipment – including models such as the Eva Photography Robot or more complex options – could not be easier.

You simply contact Service Robots for a no obligation chat and to discuss the vision you have, and your practical objectives. You then receive a robot hire proposal, that matches your needs accurately, including hiring a robot for one day, to hiring a robot long term. This will include a clear indication of robot hire cost, and what’s included. No unexpected extra charges or hidden fees.

Your robot hire plan will include the cost of delivery and collection of your autonomous service technology. For one clear fee, you also get in depth technical support, to make robot hire stress free.

Putting minds at rests, for robot hire

Much of this high standard of customer care – and flexibility – comes from our experience and expertise in this field. Service Robots has provided robots for major national events, but also fun robots for weddings.

We make sure we’re clear on exactly what our clients want to achieve when they hire a robot, and the sort of budget constraints they may have. It’s no good having access to this advanced AI-supported automated equipment unless the price of robot hire represents an excellent return on investment.

The location and the planned itinerary for the day are also carefully considered, to create a feasible and effective robot hire plan – with a relevant model of service robot up front and central.

As modern service robots are so sophisticated and can carry out so many amazing tasks, we know the idea of using them can be a little daunting for those people unfamiliar with such advanced technology.

Are there any pitfalls to hiring robots for events?

Well not when you bring us in to create the best event hire robot plan!

We can discuss every aspect of this autonomous service technology, including carefully devised and easy to understand instructions for use. Your hired robot can then move about in a seamless and smooth manner.

Everything you need your hired robot to do will be carried out with the minimum of fuss or input from you or your team. Leaving you free to stand back and enjoy the impact of a robot and observe the delight and interest of your delegates or event guests.

What can robot hire deliver?

An event, presentation, launch or reception that puts you head and shoulders above everyone else!

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