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Security Robot

The world of today continues to progress towards higher digitalization and mobility. Through augmented reality to industry 4.0 which rely on stronger automation and use of Robots.

Robots include various devices such as Robot arms, security Robots and delivery Robots. Digitized systems will involve deployable Robotic systems in highly networked environments which will remotely communicate with various systems and services for higher efficiency.

Security Robots can solve security challenges effectively by working in a group and each Robot is equipped with a group interaction module. They are able to autonomously analyze locations and patrol routes and observation posts.  A major advantage of autonomous security Robots is they are able to work safely and work with intercommunication.

The Robot security market is set to grow and increase considerably over the next five years and will offer the security market cost effective solutions for large scale and expensive facilities.  Security Robots are becoming a more common site in shopping Centre’s, offices and Public spaces and they will not only increase safety enormously but they have the ability to collect more data than humans would be able to, suggesting they are more like mobile surveillance than security guards.

The data collected includes number plates, facial recognition scans and the presence of nearby mobile devices.  Many security companies are purchasing these systems to greatly improve their performance whilst others will hire the Security Robots for a set security period.

We are in an age where automated systems such as security Robots are increasing and although the intention is not to replace human Security guards, the Robots are going to enhance safety, provide more cost efficient security solutions and be able to collect vital data quickly and more efficiently than humans could.

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