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Robot waitresses are not about replacing jobs but enhancing the dining experience
Adding a robot waitress to a restaurant is not about replacing jobs but shifts the focus of human staff from running around delivering food to concentrating on delivering great customer service.

Even in smaller restaurants, servers can walk many miles in a shift, literally running back and forth to get food to customers and clear away used plates. Adding a robot waitress cuts down on that task for human staff, allowing them to interact with diners and so encouraging more return customers.

The Far East has led the way in pioneering robotic waiting staff in the last 10 years, but there’s a growing recognition across the world that new technology is best used when it makes a process more productive and profitable. Rather than replacing human jobs, robots free up resources, enabling businesses to concentrate on the added benefits which attract new and returning customers.

Making the difficult things easy, enables the easy things to be less difficult

As far back as the 1980s, Artificial Intelligence experts concluded that robots find the difficult things easy and the easy things difficult. Delivering food, on time, and to standard to demanding customers is pretty difficult. Navigating tables, keeping a check on orders and doing so with accuracy and efficiency is demanding.

Yet human waiters and waitresses do this repeatedly during each shift and must do so with a smile on their face. Often this can mean the delights of great customer service are neglected. So why not employ a robot to do all that and free up staff time to concentrate on interacting with customers to give them a great and personable experience?

The tangible benefits of a robotic waitress

Robots can work all day, without remuneration or the need for a break, sick pay, holidays and pensions. That doesn’t mean a human waitress is defunct because customers still expect to find a smiling staff member attending to them, offering advice on the menu and the drinks on offer. If that human doesn’t need to then dash off to the kitchen or attend to other tables because a robot is doing the hard work, then surely that makes sense?

Robotic waitresses have come a long way. They’ve been given human-like characteristics and awarded names like Penny or Lucy. They provide a true talking point for customers who delight in experiencing this new tech while losing none of the truly enjoyable aspects of visiting a restaurant – great food and great service.


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