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Covid-19 How Hotels Could Be Staffed By Service Robots

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The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed the World in ways we could never have imagined and it is estimated that things will never fully get back to the way they once were. Although inevitably social distancing rules will come to an end at some point, the way we think and have adapted to the changes have changed us indefinitely.


Researchers are predicting that Service Robots will be undertaking both front of house and back of house activities in Hotels to help with the current Pandemic. The roles that the Robots will fill include cleaning floors, cooking food and delivery items to hotel rooms.


A team from the University of Surrey spoke to 19 different HR Experts, the report’s aim was to identify key trends and challenges that will arise over the next 10 years.  The research team reported that Service Robots will facilitate more socially distanced models of operation


Many Restaurants and hotels are having to come up with new methods to cope with the recent pandemic ion order to allow for operations to resume. This includes bringing in social distancing measures not only for staff but also for Customers.  The research team have reported that it is certainly challenging times and Hotels and Restaurants are going to have to adapt to the new changes and consider the balance between the roles of service Robots and Human employees.


Customers will continue to want to be reassured that social distancing will be adhered to in both hotels and Restaurants and this is the responsibility of the business owners to implement, for this reason Hotel owners will be planning for a fresh start in the recovery and building period.


Forward thinking businesses who are proactively prepared for the introduction of service Robots will certainly benefit in the long term.


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