The Service Robotics Industry Continues To Grow.

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Robot Waitress is an innovative and functional Robot that acts as an interactive assistance for any service sector.  Many of these Robots are already present in many Restaurants, Bars etc all over the world and experts predict the service Robotic Industry is set to increase USD 37.0 Billion in 2020 to 102.5 Billion by 2025.


The Robot Waitress is particularly popular and is already in many Restaurants within the UK.   The Robots have autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, voice conversation and automatic dish delivery.  The Robots integrate core technologies, automatic control and Route Planning.  One of the many advantages of the Robot waitress is its ability to be able to carry much heavier loads more quickly and safely.


The Robot waitress works well alongside Humans, helping them to carry heavy loads whilst staff continue to take orders and interact with Customers. The Robots are also great at adding to the Customer experience and will interact with customers and depending on its programming, will explain to the customer what Dishes or drink is being served at any one time


The Robot Waitress also has object avoidance making them completely safe in environments such as Restaurants and bars.  The Robot waitress has so much more to offer than just delivering food. The Robots are also a great marketing tool, marketing plays a huge role in any restaurant business and adding a Robot waitress to your business will generate interest. Many Customers can’t wait to have their photograph taken with a Robot waitress and many of these photographs will appear on social media which only enhances the success and popularity of your business.


The service Robotic industry will continue to grow over the next five years and we will see more service Robots appear in different establishments.


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