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Delivery Robots Continue To Increase In Many Establishments

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Robots are becoming more commonplace in many Industries to work alongside humans in settings such as Restaurants and hotels. In Restaurants, they can be used to take food orders as well as deliver foods and many Service Robots are being installed in kitchens to wash dishes and clean kitchen areas.


One example of a Delivery Robot would be Dexter Dish Delivery Robot which can deliver hot food to customers saving time and improving efficiency.  The robot uses a cloud brained system for processing and information such as map management, updating information on Menu’s and route planning.  The Dexter robot has three layer trays all capable of loading up to 10kg.


There are other models on the market described as Delivery Robots or Robot waitresses and they are fast becoming popular in Airports, Restaurants, Shopping Malls and hotels.  These types of Robots not only reduce the amount of staff needed but they are excellent at displaying adverts, including mobile adverts and Coupon offers all via its HD touch screen.


Many of the Delivery Robots can be autonomously positioned in various locations and they have deep optimization of the obstacle avoidance algorithm. The delivery Robots are able to perceive real time environmental changes and avoid obstacles as well as working out the best routes for human avoidance, hence improving quality.


The delivery Robots enhance safety, are able to autonomously roam and are greatly improving Customers experiences especially in setting such as Restaurants. Delivery robots will continue to increase within certain markets and with the recent outbreak of Covid-19, we will see many more introduced into establishments to improve social distancing measures which will inevitably be part of our everyday lives for quite some time.  In restaurants especially Service Robots will be used to clean kitchen areas to ensure that staff are able to follow the social distancing rules.




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