Robots Are Being Used To Work Alongside Humans

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As Technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence have increased, there has always been a general misconception that Robots will take over as many as half the jobs within the UK. Today we see increased amounts of robots being shipped all over the world and in 2017 alone there was an estimated 450,000 Robots installed worldwide. It is estimated by 2021 over 4 million Robots will be in the Global workforce.

We are now seeing jobs in the most popular Robot employing areas increase, Construction, transportation and manufacturing are just a few industries that have added over 1 million Jobs. Robots are great at doing repetitive tasks and in factories particularly, automating repetitive tasks has many benefits.

Robot automation is also increasing in sectors such as Retail, Walmart is one example of this. They are adding thousands of Robots to carry out jobs such as cleaning floors, unloading and scanning inventory. This not only means employees can move on to more fulfilling roles but using Robots to carry out mundane tasks adds efficiency to any business.

A recent report carried out by ManPower Group has shown that rather than replace Jobs, Robots are being used alongside Humans to assist and make tasks safer, easier and less time consuming. In Industries such as manufacturing, automating certain processes is increasing revenue allowing businesses to grow and employ more staff. The report surveyed 19,000 Companies in 44 Countries, the report showed that the majority of Countries are installing robots to carry out repetitive tasks whilst successfully training employee’s to work alongside Robots in more skilled roles. The report also showed that out of the 19,000 Companies studied in the report, 87% said they are anticipating increasing their workforce as a direct result of Robot Automation.

The Companies which are innovative and prepared to adopt new technologies are improving the skill set of their workforce whilst at the same time improving efficiency within their Business.


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