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Why A Recession Can Be A Good Time To Start A Business

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Many industries have been affected by the recent Pandemic, most notably the events Industry, Restaurants and Pubs. Many are getting ready to reopen and the guidelines change daily concerning social distancing and measures that have to be in place to enable staff and guests to be safe for the next few months.


Whilst many business owners continue to worry about the effects this will have on their business, others are reluctant to invest in a new business venture at this challenging time. In fact the reality is that many of the greatest Companies set up their businesses in the most challenging times.


The World bank predicts the Economy will shrink by 5% in 2020 but history very much shows that successful Companies can be born in tough times.  Many wanting to start a business will think outside of the box and relate their business idea to help with the current crisis.


The events Industry is one Industry that has been severely affected but there are still opportunities to be had and the Robotics Industry is seeing a massive upturn since the pandemic started. The UVC Disinfectant Robot is in very high demand in places such as Hospitals, Airports, Care Homes and Shopping Malls.


Robots used in the service sector are also becoming increasingly in high demand in Restaurants and bars where social distancing will make it very difficult for staff to work closely together. Robot Waitress and Dish delivery Robots are also being increasingly used to deliver food, drinks and take orders. The service Robots not only enhance the Diners experience but give customers peace of mind that they are in a safe environment where social distancing is essential.


The events Industry is also seeing increased usage of Robot Photographers that roam autonomously, interact with guests and take Photographs. The traditional Photo Booths will still be used but Robot Photographers are becoming more popular to both entertain guests and solve the problem of social distancing and gathering in small spaces.


The Economy is suffering but it will again recover and if you have a business idea that will help defeat the Pandemic or cope with the affects of it, you will do incredibly well.


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