Robot Technology In The Restaurant Industry

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From Chatbots to Robot Assistants, the hospitality Industry is making real use of Robots and many more establishments are recognizing the benefits of using Robots within different departments of both their Hotels and Restaurant departments.


Manufacturing Industries are also starting to realize the benefits of Robots within many areas of their businesses and the results have been far reaching.  Many of the Robots being used within the manufacturing sectors are being used within areas that include dangerous and mundane tasks.


The success of service Robots within the hospitality Industry depends on many factors and one important factor is customer satisfaction and comfortability with the Robots. All recent studies done have shown that over 75% of people taking part in surveys would be happy and comfortable being attended to by a Robot.  There are a small proportion of people who are still unsure but this seems to be an initial skepticism that quickly disappears once they have interacted with the Robots.


Decreasing prices for Robot equipment including advanced technology are both reasons Robots are advancing their way into the hospitality Industry. Robots are expected to enter every part of the Restaurant system in the next five years whether that be in the kitchen cooking food, cleaning floors, cleaning kitchens or delivery Robots being used to serve customers and collect plates.


Robot bars are also on the agenda and are being lined up to create Cocktails with specific ingredients and the aim is to allow customers to combine their decisions regarding Cocktails with the power of modern technology.


Many Restaurant owners who have already introduced automation within their businesses have found they are in a better position to offer better benefits to their existing staff members including offering them training for better skilled jobs.


The use of automation within Restaurants is not there to replace Humans but rather to enhance Customer experience and offer greater job satisfaction and training opportunities in the future.


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