UVC Cleaning Within businesses To Increase Staff Confidence.

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Many businesses now have staff levels back to normal but there are still many more that are struggling to either bring staff back into work at all or have greatly reduced numbers of staff. The recent Pandemic has certainly changed things in more ways than one and it is predicted that the changes are likely to stay for quite some time.  The rules surrounding social distancing are also making it difficult for businesses to ensure staff safety at all times.


Many Businesses are now operating normally despite the many restrictions in place but they also have the weight of responsibility to ensure that staff are safe when they are in work whether that be in an office environment or hospitality.


Robots have slowly been seeping into the hospitality market for some time and delivery Robots especially are becoming a popular sight in many Restaurants across the Country in the UK. Delivery Robots not only add to the customer experience, they also meet some of the challenges and needs posed by social distancing measures.  The roles played by delivery Robots include delivering meals, interacting with guests and adding to the customer experience.


The UV Robot is also in high demand and many businesses including Gym’s, Restaurants and Care Homes are employing their services to not only clean thoroughly but give peace of mind to both Customers and staff that the environment they work and exercise in is both clean and sanitized.


Many Gym’s especially are still struggling to get membership numbers up and many Members are yet to return to the Gym because of fear surrounding infection.  Staffing levels are also hard to maintain for businesses as many staff members also worry about the safety of returning to work.  The UV Robots which are clinically proven to kill many microorganisms and bacteria especially within the Coronavirus family, particularly SARS,  are being purchased by businesses and not only improving their cleaning regimes but instilling much needed confidence into both staff and Customers.


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