Why The Service Robots Industry Will Thrive Over The Next Five Years

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In a crisis, danger and opportunity can co-exist and whilst we are not down playing the current crisis, we must also recognize that there are opportunities for growth as we move forward and recover as a Nation.


The way in which each of us think and approach our working lives is one such change which is likely to stay with us for the foreseeable future. Many of us have learned to appreciate that working from home can and often is more productive meaning we have more free time. Other changes include appreciating that we can survive in a crisis if we pull together as a nation, we can get what we need from local shops and in fact we can help small and independent businesses to thrive once more.


Robots will play a significant role in the rise of businesses over the next five years for many different reasons. It is estimated that the service Robot Industry will grow from 37 billion  USD to 102.5 Billion USD by 2025.  It is predicted that industries such as Restaurants, Hospitals and Shopping Centres will make good use of service Robots. With social distancing predicted to be here for some time, many Robots including delivery Robots will be used to deliver food in Restaurants, other service Robots will be used to clean floors in Hospitals and more recently the UVC Robots will be used to clean areas of hospitals that would normally be cleaned by the human hand.


Service and delivery Robots are already being used in many Countries but it is estimated their use will increase dramatically due to the recent pandemic, not only will they be able to control social distancing between staff but they will also be used to deliver food, meaning Customers can be confident their food has not been touched by the Human hand.


We all want to move towards some normality and businesses desperately want and need to get back to normal, it is estimated that Robots will play a significant role in helping this to happen.


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